A young woman standing in her home with her hair affected by static electricity, standing on end

Cause of Static Electricity On You & In Your Home

Static electricity can happen to anyone. It is the movement of electrons from one object to another and is most likely to happen in dry air. It is the spark when you touch a doorknob or the tingle when you slide across the carpet in your socks. Static electricity is mild in most homes, but it can also become a nuisance if prevalent in every aspect of your home life.

Few people realize that it is possible to change the amount of static electricity generated in your home every day simply by changing little factors like humidity and moisturization.

What is Static Electricity?

Static electricity is the movement of electrons between conductive objects. It can be a collection of electrons in your body that are discharged into items or the charging of electrons in certain items sure to shock you.

Static electricity can cause your hair to stand on end and your laundry to cling to itself. It can cause sparks when you touch metal objects and, over time, become quite unpleasant as electrons move freely in the air and objects around you.

How to Remove Static Electricity from Your Home

The good news is that you don’t have to live in an excessively staticky house. A few simple preventative measures are enough to help you keep static from forming and eliminate static already lying in wait for the next spark or home infiltration.

Use Fabric Softener with Clothing

Static electricity builds up on clothing as dry fabric rubs against other dry fabrics. But a little moisture goes a long way. Adding just a few drops of fabric softener can help to keep the very fibers of your clothing from creating a static-rich environment and reduce the risk of static electricity in the home.

Add a Humidifier to Your Home

A humidifier addresses the moisture at the root of the problem. Most homes with too much static electricity have this problem partly because there are no moist fibers to absorb or redirect the electron flow. A humidifier vaporizes clean water into moisture for the room, raising the ambient humidity of your home. Electrons will not move around so much when there is plenty of humidity in each room, so there are fewer shocks to deal with.

Ground Yourself

Grounding always works if you are personally carrying too much electric behavior or if you are researching for a friend. Grounding is the art of putting excess electricity safely into the ground. This process can be done indoors or outdoors as long as the electricity is directed safely down into the hearth instead of sparking across your fingertips.

Have Floors & Carpet Professionally Cleaned on a Regular Schedule

Clean floors in your home are another way to keep static electricity at bay, especially if your property has carpets. Carpets are unique in their ability to generate a great deal of static electricity with or without socks. However, recently cleaned carpets are more likely to hold a small amount of moisture and remain resistant to static electricity. You can also have your carpets treated with anti-static products.

Professional Floor & Carpet Cleaning Services in Orlando, FL

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