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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services

At Steamatic of Central Florida, we have seen first-hand the devastating effects of severe weather and other unexpected tragedies on the lives of our friends and neighbors. That’s why we prioritize our custom services like pack out and onsite cleaning when disaster strikes. Our restoration team is here to respond with 24/7 emergency response to these and other events:



    Onsite Cleaning in Central Florida

    Rapid response and cleaning of contents after a disaster are key to preventing additional damage. Our restoration services team is here with 24/7 emergency response to clean and restore your belongings after disaster strikes. A delayed, inadequate, or untrained response can cause permanent damage to fragile items like clothing, fabrics, and electronics. Our professionally trained and experienced technicians can quickly and effectively clean, deodorize, and restore a variety of personal belongings, including:

        • Artwork
        • Books and important documents
        • Boots, shoes, purses, and leather goods
        • Clothing, draperies, rugs, fabric items, and upholstery
        • Dishes, silverware, and jewelry
        • Furniture
        • Tools
        • Toys
        • TVs, appliances, and electronics

    At Steamatic of Central Florida, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that our customers receive the absolute best possible outcome. By employing the most trained, knowledgeable, and friendly technicians, we know that our customers will be treated with concern and compassion. When unforeseen circumstances happen, it can affect the primary and surrounding structures, as well as the contents of your home, office, or buildings. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services to ensure the damage stops after the event and that your contents remain as secure as possible, such as:

    Pack-Out Services in Orlando

    At Steamatic of Central Florida, we take the safety and security of our customer’s home and office contents very seriously. Pack-out services are important not only for our customers’ peace of mind but also for ensuring the items’ traceability. Most insurance companies require inventories in order to process claims, and that is another way our pack-out services can help. Our process involves not only the careful pack-out of your items for cleaning and restoration but also the storage of your contents until your home is back to normal. 
    Our pack-out services include:

        • A detailed, digital inventory of your contents
        • Careful packing and transportation to our secure climate-controlled cleaning and restoration facility 
        • Delivery of your cleaned and restored items to your door when your home or office is safe and secure again

    We provide you and your insurance company a copy of the inventory to expedite and streamline the claims process. The list includes what was salvageable and what wasn’t, so you only pay for what we clean and restore. It details descriptions and conditions of all your furniture and belongings along with photos.

    Once we have completed the inventory, the pack-out begins. Professional pack-out involves understanding what type of packaging is necessary to preserve documents, artwork, electronics, and fabric so that it doesn’t incur additional damage. Everything is carefully labeled for tracking before transporting them to our facility.

    Once there, our cleaning and restoration experts begin the detailed work of carefully removing dust, dirt, mud, water, soot, mold, mildew, or other contaminants from the items. Professional cleaning and restoration mean that electronics are handled much differently than toys or clothing. Artwork and documents require careful control of humidity to ensure that they can be recovered and preserved without incurring further damage.

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    With Pack-out On-Site Cleaning, Steamatic of Central Florida will come to your location to gather, organize, document contents after a disaster. Whether it’s fire, water, mold, or storm damage, we will work with you and insurance to help determine what is salvageable in disaster situations. Contact us today for a quote!. 

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    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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