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Steamatic of Central Florida is excited to provide our cutting-edge cleaning and restoration services in Gotha, FL. When the unexpected happens, our trained and experienced technicians respond quickly to salvage your property and minimize further damage. Our team provides the highest quality restoration services for putting your home in better-than-new condition, with the latest tools and techniques. We also offer residential and commercial cleaning services on a regular schedule. 


    Gotha’s State-of-the-Art Restoration Services Provider

    Fire & Smoke Restoration in Gotha, FL

    Where there has been fire, there is smoke. Even when a fire is put out quickly, the smoke can be insidious, contaminating everything from fabrics to electronics. Our Steamatic team can remove ash, soot, and other contaminants that can leave your home smelling charred long after the fire damage is repaired using state-of-the-art equipment. 

    Water Damage Restoration in Gotha, FL

    Water damage can come from broken pipes, overflowing toilets, leaks, storm damage, or rising floodwaters. When your home experiences flooding, our team will respond quickly to remove standing water and start the drying and cleaning process that prevents mold and mildew growth. 

    Mold Remediation in Gotha, FL

    Whether you had an undiscovered leak or discovered mold during a renovation, we have professional mold remediation experience to remove the growth and make your home or business safe again. We can also work with your insurance company to ensure fast service and efficient claim processing. 

    Content Recovery in Gotha, FL

    No matter the source of the damage, if contents contaminated or damaged by smoke, fire, and water aren’t recovered quickly and treated appropriately, they can sustain irreparable damage. 

    Our talented team of restoration specialists can recover, assess, and either clean your contents onsite or safely move them to a secure facility for treatment.

    Art & Document Recovery in Gotha, FL

    Valuable or sentimental books, documents, photographs, and artwork must be handled by professionals with the expertise to safely restore them when they’ve been subjected to water, smoke, or fire damage. Contact our team as soon as you’ve experienced damage so we can take the necessary steps to prevent further loss and start the restoration process for your rare or precious items

    Electronics Restoration in Gotha, FL

    Electronics aren’t sensitive only to moisture damage but can also be damaged by smoke, soot, dust, and other contaminants after a disaster. Our team can quickly assess and safely clean your electronics

    Wind, Hurricanes, & Tornado in Gotha, FL

    Extreme weather causes billions in damage in the United States each year. Steamatic of Central Florida is here for our neighbors in Gotha, FL, with restoration and recovery services when disaster strikes. We work with your insurance company as we restore your property so you can concentrate on other issues. 

    Dehumidification in Gotha, FL

    High moisture can cause mold, mildew, and deterioration when left unchecked. Let our team find the source of the issue, then safely and efficiently dehumidify your home or office. 

    Gotha’s Professional Residential & Commercial Cleaners

    HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Poor indoor air quality contributes to allergies, asthma, headaches, and other health issues. The best way to ensure the superior air quality in your home or office is regularly scheduled HVAC and air duct cleaning.

    Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Floor coverings can trap a host of allergens and contaminants. Our team has the professional-grade equipment and techniques to sanitize your rugs and carpets safely. 

    Dryer Vent Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard. Keep your home safe and extend the life of your dryer with regular professional dryer vent cleaning by our team. 

    Furniture Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Like floor coverings, your furniture can trap a host of contaminants that can contribute to allergies or staining. Our upholstery cleaning service can treat your leather, cotton, wool, or linen fabrics, so they look, smell, and feel better. 

    General Contracting Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Keeping your workplace clean is not just about looks, but it can also be a safety issue. Whether your workplace is a construction site, an office, or a retail store, our team is here to keep it clean, safe, and sanitary.

    Hard Surface Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Even hard surfaces can get buildup that keeps them from looking their best. Our professional cleaning crew can remove dirt, grime, and buildup from your showers, tile, grout, hardwood floors, and countertops.

    Residential Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Whether you need one-time help getting your home ready for a special occasion or routine service each week, we can keep your home neat and clean, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

    Tile and Grout Cleaning in Gotha, FL

    Dirty, stained tile and grout and look unsanitary and make the whole room look bad. Our team of cleaning experts can get it looking sparkling clean and give your bath or kitchen a facelift.  

    Your Trusted Service Provider in Gotha, FL

    Steamatic of Central Florida has been a trusted name for over 70 years. That’s why home and business owners in Gotha, FL, know to call Steamatic of Central Florida for all their cleaning and restoration needs. It can be traumatic when you experience damage to your home or business. When emergencies like a fire, flood, storm damage, and other unpleasant surprises occur, we are the ones that our customers trust to respond quickly, professionally, and compassionately.

    Our emergency response team is standing by 24/7. For non-emergency service, contact us today so we can set up an appointment or call (407) 681-7277


    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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