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What is the Cost of Carpet Cleaning?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Keeping your carpets clean helps make your home an inviting place to be. However, even regular vacuuming on a dedicated schedule isn’t enough to rid carpets of the dirt, dust mites, and dander that can settle deep into your carpet. Regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning ensures that your Orlando area home will look and smell the way you want it to. After all, your home is a reflection of you and all your hard work. Find out more about the details of carpet cleaning and the costs you should expect to include in your budget planning.


Cost Per Square Foot

Many carpet cleaning companies charge by the square foot. To determine how much is carpet cleaning by the total square feet of an area, the carpet cleaning professionals will measure the length and the width of the carpeted area and then multiply the length by the width to yield square footage. If more than one area is carpeted or the site is irregularly shaped, additional calculations will be made to ensure accuracy for pricing. They will calculate the total square footage of the carpeted area and develop an estimate based on that number and their pricing system.

Generally, you can expect to budget for about a quarter per square foot of carpeted area to estimate your carpet cleaning cost. The cost for a medium-sized home can range from $150 to $450. However, many companies will reduce the price as the square footage increases exponentially; you can consider it a bulk rate.

Keep in mind that the .30 to .45 cents per square foot is a base price and that for additional services, additional charges will be tacked on. Extra spot cleaning for pet odors and stains or repairing any damages to the carpet, such as burns or cuts in the fiber, must be completed before cleaning the carpet for best results. Be sure to communicate clearly about pricing with the carpet cleaning professionals you are working with to guarantee transparency in pricing before the job begins.


Cost Per Room

Some carpet cleaning professionals may also charge by the room. Make no mistake, though, the basis for this pricing comes from a national average of the square footage of rooms. Pricing by room, however, makes for a more appealing package deal. The average cost of carpet cleaning for a medium-sized home is around $300, and the average price of one room carpet cleaning is approximately 45 dollars. You may want to do some minor calculations of your own to find out where you fall in the national average to estimate your own carpet cleaning costs in the Cocoa, New Smyrna, Titusville, and other Central Florida areas.

Since many carpet cleaning companies recommend scheduling cleaning once every six months, they often create membership deals that incorporate a monthly payment program to offset carpet cleaning prices for loyal customers who benefit from budgeting. Loyalty programs also offer bonuses such as one free room a year or an additional service each year, etc. Inquire with your carpet cleaning professionals about what loyalty programs they offer for repeat customers.


Variables Influencing Price of Carpet Cleaning

Just like the national average may vary from location to location and business to business, other variables will affect the overall pricing of your carpet cleaning that are important to consider. Learn what to ask for in your quote so that you are not blindsided by necessary services that you did not budget for initially in your professional carpet cleaning cost. Moving your own furniture, for example, rather than leaving it to the carpet cleaning professionals, can save you a lot of money in your carpet cleaning costs.

    • Stairs
    • Treatments
    • Material type
    • Repairs
    • Extraction
    • Stretching

What Are The Types of Carpet Cleaning?

Not all carpet cleaning is the same. Before you begin services, you will communicate your needs and request an estimate. You may be asked a series of questions about your carpet and the underlying causes for your concerns. Professionals will inspect the area, take measurements, and evaluate any additional services that may be necessary to move forward with the cleaning or would benefit the carpet cleaning process for your home. You and the carpet cleaning professionals will then discuss the options and pricing. Once you agree on the services you will pay for, the work to clean your carpet can begin. Be sure to talk to your carpet cleaning professionals about the different types of carpet cleaning available to you in the Central Florida region.


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses ultra-hot water and extraction to remove all traces of dirt and bacteria from your carpet. If the carpet is damp after steam cleaning, a giant fan can dry the carpet in less than a few hours. Steam cleaning is used to extend the life of your carpet and remove irritants such as:

    • Dust mites
    • Mold
    • Skin
    • Bugs
    • Dander
    • Pollutants
    • Dirt
    • Lead


Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a process that uses a machine to scrub detergent and water into carpet fibers after the carpet is shampooed. While this may be a slightly more effective process than vacuuming alone, it can also leave an unfortunate residue that can create an even dirtier surface thanks to the sticky nature of the detergent. Despite using a wet vac to remove as much water and detergent as possible, an industrial fan will be necessary to dry the area. Clients should also avoid walking on the carpet for several hours for the best results.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Unlike shampooing, dry carpet cleaning is a low moisture alternative that employs chemical compounds rather than excessive water and scrubbing. Dry carpet cleaning has been a typical method for cleaning rugs in the past. Once the compound reacts with the carpet or rug, it can be removed with just a little residue and light moisture remaining to respond quickly to soiling.


Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Another low moisture solution for carpet cleaning is encapsulation. Encapsulation carpet cleaning involves specially formulated cleaners that have polymers that encapsulate soil by crystallizing it. Once the polymers crystallize the soiled area, they can be loosened and removed with traditional vacuuming methods. This surface-level approach to removal is quick and easy but may not reach the deeper dirt and grime that could have penetrated deep into the carpet or rug pad. Be sure to combine surface methods with deeper cleaning, such as carpet steaming, to prolong the life of your carpet and rugs.


Keeping your carpet clean and free of irritants and allergens not only looks good but also makes you feel better too. To manage the cost of professional carpet cleaning in Orlando and the surrounding areas, be sure to hire professionals that will work with you to stay within your budget and meet your specific needs. Locally owned and operated Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning has provided excellent customer service and skilled carpet cleaning for over 50 years.

Contact Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning today to schedule an appointment for expert carpet cleaning in the Orlando area.

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