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After the Holidays Cleanup

While there’s a lot to enjoy during the holidays, once you start to clean up, you could realize what a mess your house really is. The pine needles, the glitter, the dust, and other dirt that has been unintentionally swept under the decorations will be there. The holiday food spills and stains on your furniture and carpet will be there. Don’t fret! Just put your decorations away, hire the carpet cleaners, and ask them to tackle your furniture clean up. Then sit back to watch the magic happen.

Hitting All the Hard Spots

There are certain areas of your home that have probably been hit harder than others when it comes to holiday messes. You’ll want to give your entire home a good cleaning, but be sure not to miss the following hard spots.

  • The Kitchen – No doubt you spent a good amount of time in the kitchen over the holidays. It’s easy to clean as you go, but you can’t really deep clean a kitchen that is in constant use with cookie baking, and holiday dinner prepping. Your tile and grout will probably need a good cleaning. Whether it’s your backsplash, your countertops, or your flooring, make sure the tile and grout get cleansed of dirt, debris, and other particles. It should also be well-sanitized, so all the germs brought in by your holiday guests don’t linger.
  • The Gathering Area – Whether you call it a family room, living room, or great room, your gathering area might be loaded with dirt, debris, and germs. Particularly if you had company over the holidays, your home may have collected all the dirt and germs they brought in, as well as your own. It is possible food was spilled on the furniture and carpet, or maybe the curtains were stained by holiday punch. A good steam-cleaning by the professionals should ensure your upholstery and carpets are back to new again.
  • The Bedrooms – If you put company up in a guest bedroom or two, it won’t hurt to clean the furniture in those rooms. A good rug cleaning will ensure the room is ready for your next guests, and cleaning the curtains will give it that fresh-again feel. Don’t forget to wash the bedding and wipe down the armoires!
  • The Bathrooms – Whether there were a lot of people in your bathrooms or not, after the holidays is always a good time to give your bathrooms a good cleaning. The shower and countertop will probably have gotten plenty of use, and those surfaces could be full of bacteria and stains. The tile and grout floor will also need a good cleaning, and don’t forget about the toilet.


How to Get It Done

How can you get it all done? Don’t get overwhelmed by your list of cleaning to-dos, as you have some helpful solutions. At Steamatic of Central Florida, most of your holiday cleanup services are covered. Your furniture, carpet, rugs, flooring, and other items can all be cleaned on-site by a professional.

Need your hardwood floor carefully cleaned, but unsure how to do it without damage? We can do it for you. Need your tile and grout sanitized? We’ve got you covered there as well. Worried about upholstery cleaning on delicate fabrics? We have the products to carefully get it clean, regardless of the durability of the fabric.


Getting Started Today

To learn more about the services offered by Steamatic of Central Florida, or for more holiday cleaning and stain removal tips, contact the professionals at 407-681-7277. With years of experience in the industry, We’ll ensure your home gets back to where you want it to be when all the holiday hustle and bustle calms down. Call today!

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